Corbridge Northumberland 
Interesting tourist destination
1 Visit the Roman garrison remains at Corchester Lane, Corbridge NE45 5NT
2 Enjoy the shops and cafe's in the ancient stone built town of Corbridge

1st The shops  let's start with a lovely shop set in a great space. 

Nicky Jones for charming hand painted and waxed furniture pieces and tasteful arty pieces.

let me show you some photo's of the interior below 

Nicky Jones, Furniture and interiors  24 Hill Street, Corbridge  NE45 5AA

Below 1884 Classy country style ladies clothes and accessories with a difference

The Fabric and Tapestry Shop in a small yard around the corner from Hill Street


The Garden Room is in the Market Place

large atmospheric shop flowers and plants are the main storey here.

The flower picture  to the left is a seating space.

close to Middle Street..

Let's say well done the council for this one.


Jasmine and Lilah  8 Market Place, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5AW

Furnishings shop... it's much larger inside. Classy furnishings beautiful interiors

Below Tea Shops, Sweet shops, Bakeries Coffee Shops

There are more.... but here are some that I photographed the day I visited.

Where to eat and drink in Corbridge 

1 Sweet Shop Market Place, 2 Drip coffee and cakes in Hill Street,

3 Watling Tea and Coffee House, 4 The Black Bull Pub in Middle Street

5 Grants Patisserie the corner of Middle Street and Market place Corbridge

Less than a mile from the town centre of Corbridge is the original Roman settlement that once was a bustling roman outpost, why not visit Corbridge Roman town built on Hadrian's wall which is a time-capsule of Roman life.
Lions were used as sacred symbols in Roman life, but the Corbridge lion is different. Find out what this extraordinary sculpture tells us about changing beliefs in Roman Britain. The countryside is beautiful here over 2o miles inland from Wallsend where the wall ends, you can still walk the wall as these people are below. Britain was one of some 44 provinces which made up the Roman Empire at its height in the early 2nd century AD, but Corbridge kept active as a Roman town until the 5th Century.

 The Georgian Window Gift and Clothing Shop Durham City near to the castle and cathedral

Come visit discover lots of Durham Art and Fridge magnets Durham Mugs Tea Towells etc.

Do you like art ? then check out

the Artists who have painted beautiful Durham look under the more tab on the home page we have a few examples such as Turner and Carmichael

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