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Our customers from all around the world


Xiaozhou - 1.jpg

on our left 2 ladies from China who studied at Newcastle University Xiaozhou and Starry

looking so nice on their visit to Durham.

The girls said they like it here so much they don't want to go back to China.


getting ready to be photographed

Dado Marizio - 1.jpg

Left Dado and Mauritzo from Sicily

Romania Girls - 1.jpg

above two visitors from Charlotte Norrth Carolina


Cristina & Andrea from Romania who 

live in London and Derby They love Durham but it was raining so they are going to visit again and see the cathedral and castle this is the 1st day the shops are open again after lockdown.

Tania and Gabriel - 1.jpg

Aquí hay dos mujeres de México.
visitando Inglaterra y Escocia
Tania y su madre Gabriela

September 2019


This is Alice she came in to get some souvereigns of Durham for family back in Chendung China the city where Pandas come from. She has just spent a year in Durham university.


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